22 Sep

New Camera, Yay!

Look at the new toy I just picked up: a mirrorless travel camera. None other than the Canon G7X.

best-cameras-for-travelling-mirrorlessIt’s┬ádefinitely not the cheapest travel camera around, but in all honest it’s not bad. I was quite impressed at least. All the rumors about them being just as good as DSLRs – maybe even better – are true. For the same money I would not have gotten a DSLR that delivered the same quality photos as this one does.

Having said that, it does come with a learning curve. Not only is it lighter than a DSLR but it reacts to light slightly differently as well. At first it’s just straight up awkward, but it has grown on me.

Would I recommend it? If you do any sort of travel photography or simply want a light camera that takes exceptional pictures – heck yes.

If you just want to snap pictures of your pets while taking them for a walk, it might be a bit of an overkill. Of course there would be other cameras more suitable for that. My friend Regina talks a bit about the different mirrorless camera options here.

Again, I can’t recommend this camera enough, but if you just want a simple point and shoot camera, check out some of the cheaper alternatives on the page I just mentioned.

Having said that, I’m off to do a few more practice shoots before taking it on an official shoot tomorrow. Wish me luck!